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Gastric Plication vs. the Lap Band

Recent studies are now revealing that Gastric Plication, along with many other benefits, is producing excess weight loss in the 60-65% range as compared to the 40-55% range generally associated with banding (lap band). Of course ever individual responds differently, but It is quickly becoming the preferred procedure internationally. OCC Medical Center has a website dedicated to this comparison, including videos from several patients who have opted for Plication over Banding. Go to

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Patient Switches from Band to Plication
“I had lapband surgery in 2007 and, although I did lose weight, just didn’t feel right about having a foreign object in my body for some reason. After hearing about the Plication procedure, I felt like it was exactly what I was looking for. I just had my band removed and will be returning soon for Plication. Going from Band to Plication takes a special expertise. I’m a surgeon and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. You shouldn’t either.” (Maria)