About Us

GastricPlication.org is an informational and educational resource that is dedicated to providing a forum for the understanding of an exciting new weight loss surgery option. The forum is open to all—from patients and interested parties to physicians, medical professionals and academic researchers. Sponsored by Dr. Ariel Ortiz, one of the world’s most renowned weight loss surgeons, and Obesity Control Center, the site is designed to provide a platform for posts, videos, testimonials, research and news reports from all interested parties.

With more than 8,000 surgeries to date, Obesity Control Center is the global leader in weight loss surgeries and procedures related to conditions caused by extreme weight gain. These include the most popular laparoscopic surgeries: gastric band (lap band), gastric sleeve (gastrectomy), gastric bypass and gastric plication, as well as treatment of failed procedures by other practitioners and specialization in adolescent weight loss procedures.